Incident Reports

Incident Reports

Fully customizable incident reports

The incident report software module is a security management tool designed to quickly collate information on any occurrence. It allows users to respond promptly to an incident, can determine trends and prevent re-occurrences, meet compliance standards and policies, and mitigate risks within the organization. SiteSecure allows organizations to manage and track incidents more efficiently and effectively, improve overall security.

Quickly and effectively respond to incidents

Using a centralized and encrypted database, information on incidents deemed sensitive can be marked as protected or classified. Information can also be categorized by type and sub-category. The information is automatically time- and date-stamped along with the user’s name. Speed keys can be used to enter standard information quickly and freehand supplemental text to an incident report. More information can be added to the report with a new date stamp. Each report can be locked after a predetermined time. Unlimited data may be added to the reports (police report numbers, photos, video clips, and audio clips).


Automatic email notifications can be sent in real time as incidents are captured.

GIS Mapping

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping can be conducted based on incident types and locations.


The visual dashboard displays the visitors in facility, attendance count by facility, monthly attendance statistics and previous monthly comparison.

Camera or attachment icon

Unlimited photos, video/audio clips and attachments can be added per report.

All features

Centralized encrypted database

Auditing of all transactions

Multiple access levels

Can import video clips from digital CCTVs

All screen captions are user definable (caption, visible, mandatory)

Cascading menus for easy localization information

Integration with HR/security employee tables

Task listing and assignments

Rules based incident reporting and partitionning

Ensures corporate standards and policies are followed for liability issues