Visitor Registration

Visitor Registration

Register visitors on arrival, in advance or using our kiosk

With the Visitor Registration module, visitors can be manually registered upon their arrival by security or reception, pre-registered by their hosts or self-register using kiosks. It is also possible to register by passing their driver’s license through a scanner (6 seconds). These methods speed up entry and provide visitors with a positive impression of the company’s efficiency upon their arrival. Typical savings in time processing visitors is upwards of 1 minute per person.

Identify repeat visitors and their hosts

Visitors can be issued ID badges, printed self-adhesive badges or attributed an electronic access card. The software can also be used to determine if the visitor needs an escort or is under a restricted access order. Visits are kept in the database, including the number of entries and exits and their hosts’ names. The visitor station will instantly inform the operator if a visitor has or requires a security clearance level, a signature to gain access, is early or late for the appointment, and the level of clearance for an electronic access badge.


A kiosk is available for self-registration. A visitor can scan their invitation to alert the host, or fully complete their registration by scanning their driver’s license/passport or by manually entering information using the touchscreen.

Pre-registration using iForms

The host can pre-register visitors using an online form (iForm), send it to visitor for completion, check against Restricted Access lists, complete health and safety questions, and send invitations (QR code) via email.


The visual dashboard displays the visitors in facility, attendance count by facility, monthly attendance statistics and previous monthly comparison.

Email notifications

Get email notifications of guest arrivals, guests exceeding departure times, non-returned keys/badges, etc.

All features

Ease of use

Reduce wait times on arrival

Improve corporate image

Scalable for standalone single systems to international multi-tenant systems

Integration with Restricted Access lists

Integration to mass notifcation systems

Issuance of self-adhesive badges or access control cards

Direct integration with access control or HR systems for employee listings

Photograph and/or signature capture of visitors

Real-time listing of visitor count and status in facilities

Security escort requirements (if needed)

Lists of acceptable identification requirements for admission to facility

Special greeting instructions

Muster reporting

Display of visitor’s prior visit history

Biometrics integration

Prohibited items list

Personal items list