Personnel Information Management

Personnel Information Management

Streamline personnel information within your organization

The personnel information management module can serve as the main database for recording personnel information within your organization. A lot of information can be displayed, including employee-related fields: name, employment status, office number, department, office phone, etc. You can also tap into detailed information on access limitations, parking permits, assets, badge and/or key issuance, and departure information to ensure all corporate property is returned. It automatically maintains the active or inactive status of all individuals based on employment or expiry dates, like security clearances, etc.

Automate processes, including onboarding and training

This module maintains a record of those authorized to issue badges, keys as well as individuals with access to site-specific rooms. The information can be shared, via an intranet, with multiple locations on a need-to-know basis, with permissions levels in the database to control access. For example keys or/and access cards can be prevented from being issued to people not registered in the database. Photo Identification can be stored in the database. If SiteSecure is interfaced to an access control system, you view the status, access privileges of cardholders, etc.


Automatic email notifications can be sent for renewals, pending expiration items, reminders, etc.

iForms requests

Forms-based automated requests and approval processes can be configured.

Access control integration

View an intuitive display of all access cards, areas, and validation/expiration periods

Photo and attachments

Photos and attachments can be attached for proof of identification, certificates etc.

All features

Email notifications of pending expiration notices

Photo identification capture

User-defined fields

User-defined access areas

Biometrics integration

List of employee training, certificates and renewal dates.

Integration to resticted Acccess

Lists Integration with key management

Integration with asset tracking

Integration with parking control