Lost and Found

Lost and Found

Record the details of each lost item

The processing and tracking of lost and found items is becoming more and more of a challenge for the authorities responsible for this task. From sunglasses to laptops and smartphones, maintaining accurate records of these items can strain your resources. SiteSecure’s lost and found module was specifically designed to help record the details of these items, the locations at which they were found, held and transferred to, its current location, and the date and time of transfer.

Identify returned item success rate

It is possible to record every detail of a found item, such as a wallet or a purse’s contents and its estimated value. The software can send up to 3 form letters advising the owner that the item(s) have been found and where to claim them. Digital images of the items can be stored online. Identifying tags can be printed as well as receipts for the claimant’s signature. If the item(s) are returned, the claimant is recorded as well as the date of return. If the article is not claimed after a predefined period of time, it may be liquidated via an auction or donated to a charity. The method of disposal will also be recorded.


A detailed description of item (and contents) along with its digital image can be recorded.


Provide complete tracking (audit) of an item from the time it was found until it is returned to the owner or liquidated.


The visual dashboard displays the visitors in facility, attendance count by facility, monthly attendance statistics and previous monthly comparison.

Padlock or combination lock

Special restrictions and instructions can be confirgured for key issuances.

All features

Storage location

Computer generated tracking number

Print storage tags

Print claimant receipt (signature capture)

Recording of disposal method

Estimated item values.

Colour code data grid based on item status

Ability to log currency.

Extensive report capabilities