Room Reservations

Room Reservations

Reserve a meeting room and/or a cubicle.

The room reservation module is a must for all facilities thathave multiple meeting and board rooms as well as shared workspaces. The module allows users to search for availability based upon the requirements of the meeting: number of people, audio-visual requirements, teleconferencing, kitchen facilities, etc. Never again are rooms double-booked, found to be under renovation or equipment upgrade, or any other hassle when you arrive for your meeting. You can view typical room layouts online and select the one that suits your requirements. Email the selected room to facilities and request the room be configured according to your requirements.

Availability at your fingertips

Rooms with special booking requirements can be instantly viewed. If the contractor module is being used, SiteSecure can let users know if any room is unavailable until a given date.


Automatic email notification can be configured as part of automated workflows.

iForms requests

Forms can be set up for automated requests for bookings.

HR integration

Can integrate to most HR system with a bi-directional interface.


The visual dashboard displays visitors in the facility, attendance count by facility, monthly attendance statistics, and previous monthly comparison.

All features

Reserve meeting rooms and cubicles online

Prevent double bookings

Display maximum room capacity (for fire codes)

Display existing room features (audio-visual, teleconferencing, etc).

Display any special booking instructions (ex: directors only) etc.

Message if a room is undergoing maintenance or an upgrade

Visual dashboard sof reservations statistics, monthly comparisons, etc.