Restricted Access List

Restricted Access List

Identify people that are on watchlists

The restricted access person module is particularly effective in screening the access of visitors, contractors or employees in your facilities. When authorized people place restrictions upon individuals, information is usually kept confidential until they try to gain access to the facility. When a person’s name is entered into the system, the user will be prompted if a restriction has been applied to the individual. The severity of the restriction and details on how to process the person can easily be viewed.

Send an emergency broadcast message with a warning and description of the person

All names entered into the database are saved for several years or until deleted. This module contains the names and, if available, images and aliases, of all individuals with any form of restriction. Administration can view the source and detail of the restriction. You can flag the number of days that a restriction has been imposed to ensure compliance with any law or internal policy. If a restricted person or group of people are attempting to gain entry to your facility through one of a number of access points, it is possible to send an Emergency Broadcast with a warning and complete descriptions.


Automatic email notifications, as part of emergency broadcast (BOLO) messages, can be configured.

Magnifying glass (search)

Carry out searches of visitors, contractors and employee in each database.


Direct integration with personnel information management, contractors and visitor registration modules.


Access images of restricted people.

All features

Record individual names and any aliases

Assign restriction levels

Store the author’s name that entered the restriction

Store the source of each restriction

Access the image of the restricted person

Send emergency broadcast messages

Set expiry dates