Parking Control

Parking Control

Record permit issuances and traking of parking violations (tickets)

The parking control module allows for the continuous tracking of vehicles within a lot or multiple lots. The module includes the requests and issuances of parking permits, temporary permits, free parking or paid parking, allocation of parking spaces, records of user names, and up to 4 license plate numbers per user with the make and colour of each vehicle, plus one loaner vehicle.

Permit application online forms

Track all violations, such as time expired, wrong lot, vehicle towed by whom and to where, ticket issuance, value of ticket if any, ticket paid (yes or no), fees for parking or permit paid (yes or no). This module also indicates where parking is available in multiple lots for only one vehicle at a time and with a single permit.


Automatic email notifications can be sent when a new request is received as well as for updates and permit renewals.

iForms requests

Forms based automated permit requests and approval processes can be created.


The visual dashboard displays the visitors in facility, attendance count by facility, monthly attendance statistics and previous monthly comparison.

Photo and attachments

Photos and attachments can be attached for proof of residence, insurance, and other tracking.

All features

Allocate parking spaces

Record up to 4 vehicles per permit

Issue monthly parling permits

Point system for requests based on distance travelled, car-pooling, seniority etc.

All entries are tracked in the Audit Log

Ticket issuance, warnings or fines, tow notices

Time based ticketing available

Signature capture for permit issuance

Display and print map of parking area and slips