Personnel Departure form

Personnel Departure form

Safeguard your organization when employees leave

When a Government of Canada employee leaves their employment, a sign-off process is required. Everything from payroll issues, telephone and email access, credit cards, keys, and access control badge must be returned and accounted for by the department’s representatives prior to leaving. SiteSecure’s employee departure module facilitates this process.

Protect your corporate assets

When an employee informs their manager of their departure, an electronic departure form is initiated. The employee will then complete the required section and submit it. Next, email notifications are sent to the appropriate resource centers, such as HR, Finance, IT. The appropriate teams receive and process the request.With the use of the iForms, the departure process is accelerated, audited and monitored.


SiteSecure sends automatic email notifications to designated personnel for form processing and follow-ups.

iForms requests

Form-based automated requests and departure processes can be configured.

HR integration

SiteSecure can integrate with most HR system with a bi-directional interface.

Scheduled reminders

Scheduled reminders of incomplete tasks to ensure processes are efficiently carried out.

All features

Integrates to the Personnel Security Screening module

Generate audit logs

Print departure completion forms

Linguistic compliance

Web-based iForms requests