Security Inspections

Security Inspections

Be proactive in your security practices

Security inspections are a very important feature of large high-risk facilities, such as government facilities, oil refineries, chemical plants, hospitals, research facilities, large shopping malls, and colleges and universities. SiteSecure security inspection device is a handheld computer and barcode scanner with a screen to provde instructions to the operator, which are associated with each bar code. These instructions must be performed. There is the capability of unlimited tours and unlimited scan point locations per tour.

Accountability through accurate reporting

Also know as the Guard Tour system, there are three types of tours that can be selected: Random, Forced or Timed. In a Timed inspection, the device will advise the operator if they are late. It also generates a distinct sound alert for a good or bad reading of the bar code. When the inspection is complete, the operator will connect the handheld computer into its charger cradle. All the inspections recorded will be automatically uploaded to the host server for record storage and report generation.


No wiring required. The system can report in real time using Wi-Fi or cellular transmission methods.


An Andriod version of product is available. A traditional pipe/button reader version is also available.


The visual dashboard displays the visitors in facility, attendance count by facility, monthly attendance statistics and previous monthly comparison.

Alarm clock

Automatic reminders indicate the upcoming inspections to be performed.

All features

Multiple inspections

Forced, timed and random inspections available

Add comments to a scanned point

Automatic data upload/sync to server

Exceptions/infractions reporting

Ability to partition system

Integration with incident reports and the trouble call system.

Lightweight and weatherproof handheld devices

Proof of presence through accurate reporting

Meets compliance and inspection requirements