Package Tracking

Package Tracking

Record inbound and outbound packages

SiteSecure’s package tracking module can be a great feature to large corporations. This module allows you to record photo ID of delivery people for a quick verification it records the time of arrival, the destined recipient, the sender and deliverer. The database also allows the detailed entry of package information, such as size, weight, colour and the courier company’s tracking number.

Auditing and accountability of processed packages

It is possible to record the date, time and who was notified of the arrival of a package as well as by whom and when, and if it was collected by the recipient department. Records of outgoing packages are also kept with information of the designator and the time when the package was picked up. This module can quickly identify the fraudulent use of company courier services, by whom and the frequency.


Automatic email notifications can be sent when a package has arrived and picked up.


Access complete audits of who is sending and receiving packages, messengers and recipients, along with dates and times of transactions.


The visual dashboard displays the visitors in facility, attendance count by facility, monthly attendance statistics and previous monthly comparison.


Pictures of messengers can be recorded for instant identification.

All features

Record entry time and recipient of incoming packages

Record recipient notifications

Record who picked up or delivered package for recipients

Record time shipped and recipient of outgoing packages

Record deliverers and shipping companies

Record photo of messengers

Record package tracking numbers