Threat Risk Assessment

Threat Risk Assessment

Identify critical threats and risks

The threat and risk assessment module is designed to identify threats and determine your risk of threats happening. As a fully integrated solution, Site-Secures can help you leverage information directly from entries made in other SiteSecure modules. SiteSecure helps to reduce threats, adhere to organization policies, ensure departmental designations, and ensure that classified information and other assets are safeguarded.

Provide expert security opinions

Provide management with a wealth of information: – An opinion as to the current level of compliance and efficiencies with policies on security poligies – Security exposures or areas of risk that may be attributable to deficiencies in current security safeguards or operating practices – Heightened security awareness and practical recommendations for improvement – Insights to support your business objectives to safeguard employees and assets


Automatic email notifications and response assessments can be easily evaluated.

iForms questionnaire

Forms-based TRA questionnaire facilitates on-site/remote processing.


Complete integrations into SiteSecure’s other modules for data gathering and analyses.


The visual dashboard displays the visitors in facility, attendance count by facility, monthly attendance statistics and previous monthly comparison.

All features

Qualitative and quantitative assessments

Customized questionnaire for each type of assessment

Fully integrates with SiteSecure modules

All transactions are audited

Automatic email notifications for assessment reminders, follow up, interviews, etc.

Visual dashboard of assessment statistics