Trouble Call System

Trouble Call System

Quickly and efficiently streamline service calls

This module is particularly in quickly and efficiently streamlining service calls, from emergency help to routine request and scheduled maintenance work. This module is multi-user and multi-tasking. Calls can be received from anywhere within the organization (multi-site), recorded and dispatched to the appropriate business sector for action. Upon receipt, the trouble call is time-stamped with the name of the operator who received it and the person who placed the call.

Allow management to gauge the response to contract terms

When the appropriate technical resources arrives at a site, you time-stamp their arrival and departure times. The information can be processed or rerouted to the appropriate resource if an error in routing has been made. Once the call is completed, a report can be closed and time-stamped. For calls that must be serviced by external partners, an email can be automatically sent for service. This gives you and the service company electronic proof of the call and a means by which management can gauge their response to contract terms. This also allows management to accurately and quickly gather reports on trouble call down times.


Automatic email notifications, including customer service reminders, can be configured based on your workflows.

iForms requests

Forms-based automated requests for work orders can be initiated as part of the required approval process.


This module can be integrated with most HR systems with a bi-directional interface and SiteSecure’s asset tracking module.


The visual dashboard displays the visitors in facility, attendance count by facility, monthly attendance statistics and previous monthly comparison.

All features

Automatic audits of operator name, data, time

Speed up data entry (drop-down lists)

Integration with employee lists for rapid data gathering

On-screen messages for urgent/emergency calls

Automatic email notifications to service departments

Automatic email reminders for unanswered service calls

Extensive reporting capabilities

Parts and labour tracking and cost tabulations

Automatic creation and distribution of schedule maintenance work

Integrated knowledge base.

Capability to export information to external systems in real time.

Trend analysis view for instant analysis of service requests.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping of incident types and locations. iPhone and

Android mobile versions available.

At a Glance (Dashboard).