Personnel Security Screening

Personnel Security Screening

Ensure valid security clearances

Obtaining a valid security clearance is a Government of Canada (GoC) condition of employment. To obtain such a clearance, the Personnel Screening Consent and Authorization Form (330-23) as well as the Security Clearance Form (330-60) must be completed by individuals seeking employment (or a contract). It then must be forwarded to the GOC for processing. When completed, security screening forms are received and processed. Unfortunately, numerous errors and omissions often occur, delaying the security screening and hiring process.

Electronic industrial security screening

As a solution to this critical problem, SiteSecure has automated personnel security screening forms (PerSec iForms) for the Government of Canada. iForms contain the checks and balances to ensure that the required data has been entered by the applicant in the appropriate fields, thereby ensuring complete and accurate applications. Personnel security screening, which is enabled by iForms, has been designed to comply with the Security Policy for the government. It is in accordance with the requirement for processing personnel security screening. iForms significantly decreases screening process time. iForms will provide a better end-user experience in which applicants are prompted to provide missing information. With iForms, the hiring process is accelerated, all while preserving brand image.


Automatic email notification can be configured as parts of automated workflows. Annual updates and screening renewals can also be set up.

iForms requests

Forms-based automated requests can be initiated (Frm23, Frm60, and annual updates and renewals).

HR integration

Integration with most HR systems with a bi-directional interface.


The visual dashboard displays the visitors in facility, attendance count by facility, monthly attendance statistics and previous monthly comparison.

All features

Web-based software provides worldwide access to iForms

Audit logs

Accessibility compliant (using WET)

New hybrid iForm-ready (merging of Frm23 and Frm60)

Automatic email notifications to designated personnel for approval/rejection processes

Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) integration (new 2023 feature)

Annual employee updates form (ensuring information is current and up-to-date)

Integration with Transunion (credit check vendor)

Integrates with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) and proprietary batabases

Bi-directional interface to HR databases, including PeopleSoft HRMS

Visual dashboards for statistical review of current progress

Integration with Gambit ID (criminal record name checks) (new 2023 feature)