Services not performed should not be paid for

Contracting out many tasks by organizations is becoming more and more common in today’s economy. This practice has obvious financial benefits but also, for the uninitiated, some serious pitfalls. It is crucial to know when contractors will be on site, the number of personnel as well as their names and name of the companies employing them. It is also important to have a record of their site arrival and departure times for costing and investigation purposes.

Generate time and attendance report of all contractors

SiteSecure has the ability to record (via your reception or security desk), the comings and goings of contractor employees. It is also possible to record those people against a contract number at multiple sites the same day with multiple contract rates. Contract people can be pre-registered into the system with a record of their qualification expiry dates, security clearance levels and their expiry date, frequency of visits. Fixed contract milestones can be tracked and reported on a daily or weekly basis to ensure adherence to the contract schedule.

station

Contractors can be signed in locally or remotely using the sign in station, printed an ID badge. and granted access to the facility.

Employee self-registration

Companies can register their contract information, employees, ertifications, vehicles and access hours using our self-registration iForms. This leads to substantial cost savings.

Employee images

Employee identification and sign-in is quick and simple with their photos registered is our system.


The visual dashboard displays the visitors in facility, attendance count by facility, monthly attendance statistics and previous monthly comparison.

All features

Biometrics integration

Company name

Company contact and phone number

Contract expiry date

Parking priviledges

Integration to Restricted Access List

Employee hourly rates

Employee credentials and expiry dates

Employee security clearance level and expiry date

Employee(s) can be assigned to specific projects

Contract work schedule

Attendance log and reports

Personal items list (equipment an employee brought on site)

Prohibited items list (equipment an employee is not allowed to bring on site and must leavel at desk)

User definable fields and captions

Visual display of work hours